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In a world where connections often remain confined to digital screens, the Gloucestershire Freemasons stand as a beacon of fraternity, unity, and personal growth.

Embarking on your journey is not just becoming a part of a tradition that has spanned centuries, but it is also about fostering a personal development path steeped in ritual and meaningful service.


A Journey of Self Discovery

Do You Feel As Though You Have Something Missing in Your Life?

Freemasonry is not just an organisation but a journey of self-discovery. Through its rituals and teachings, you are encouraged to reflect and cultivate virtues such as integrity, wisdom, and strength. It’s an opportunity to evolve into a better version of yourself, enriched with moral values and enlightenment.

Who Are the Freemasons?

We are a unique members’ organisation which has thrived for over 300 years. Having no political or religious affiliations, we comprise members of all ages, races, religions, cultures and backgrounds. We gather in our individual Lodges throughout the country where we have ceremonial traditions which encourage us both to be more tolerant and respectful and actively to fulfil our civic and charitable responsibilities; we also make time to eat, drink and meet together, and form lifelong friendships.

Our Values


Building Good People


Building Together


Building Unity


Contribute to Communities


Rather than working on buildings like the Masons of old, today’s Freemasons focus on building themselves as people of integrity, and membership provides the structure to help achieve that goal.


One of the oldest social organisations in the world, Freemasonry is not defined by an ideology. It is open to people from all religions and political persuasions and provides the common foundation for friendships between members, many of which will last for life.


With a membership of more than 150,000 people drawn from communities across the UK, Freemasonry brings people together irrespective of their race, religion or any other perceived differences that can divide us as a society.


Whether participating in events, fundraising for a charitable cause or volunteering for public or community organisations, service is at the very heart of Freemasonry. Our members make valuable contributions by donating time, resources and skills.

Join Gloucestershire Freemasons

Join an unparalleled, global network of individuals who uphold the same values and principles with a lifelong bond.

Serving Communities

The Freemasons have a long history of charitable work and community service. By joining, you will be at the forefront of initiatives aimed at improving your community and making a meaningful impact in society.

Heritage and Tradition

Being a Freemason means being a part of a lineage that dates back centuries. The Gloucestershire Freemasons uphold traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation, preserving a rich heritage that binds members with a unique sense of continuity and purpose.

Meet Like-Minded People

Freemasonry brings together individuals from diverse walks of life. The gatherings and events connect you with professionals, entrepreneurs, and new thinking, providing a unique opportunity to anyone who joins.

"I joined Freemasonry out of curiosity little realising that I would make many new life-long friends"


“Since joining I have found freemasonry to be a unique pathway of personal growth, camaraderie and charity.”



What is Freemasonry?
It is one of the oldest social and charitable organisations in the world, Freemasonry has a thriving community of approximately 175,000 members throughout England and Wales, as well as Districts overseas. Freemasons use four key values to help define their path through life: integrity, respect, friendship & service.
Can Anyone Join?
Membership is open to people from all backgrounds and our aim is to empower members to be the best they can be. Freemasonry is not a religion however anyone who wishes to join us must believe in a God.
Why Become a Freemason?

Throughout 300 years of heritage and history, our members have come from all walks of life and each with their own unique story to tell for why they became a Freemason.

Membership is open to people from all backgrounds and our aim is to empower members to be the best they can be.

Here’s just a few reasons to become a Freemason:

You want to make new friendships

From the Universities Scheme and New and Young Masons Clubs to special interest Lodges, Freemasonry gives members many opportunities to make a wide circle of friends for life. Finding bonds with people who share common interests and meeting people from all different backgrounds are just some of the ways Freemasonry can help cultivate lasting friendships.

You want to develop yourself

Freemasonry is all about building character and supporting members as individuals. It’s these foundations that allow members to develop themselves, from increased self-confidence to transferable skills such as public speaking.

You want to make a positive contribution to society

Whether participating in events, fundraising for a charitable cause, or volunteering for public or community organisations, service is at the very heart of Freemasonry. Our members make valuable contributions by donating time, resources, and skills.

What goes on in a Lodge meeting?

Most lodges assemble once a month for a business meeting, where communications are read, bills are paid, proposed members are voted on, and the members catch up on each other’s lives.

Sometimes, guest speakers are invited, or a member gives a presentation on the ritual, history, philosophy, or symbols of Masonry. But the real purpose of the meeting is to conduct ceremonies.

There are three ‘degree ceremonies’ performed during meetings. They are essentially one-act plays and teach members how to be better people and each play represents a different stage in life.

As an ‘initiate’ or Entered Apprentice, Freemasons are taught we are all born equal, we learn that in life some do better than others and it is up to those who do well to look after the less fortunate. From this stems our belief in the importance of Charity.

The next stage is to become a ‘Fellow Craft’ where Freemasons are taught the importance of improving themselves as a person, and finally as a ‘Master Mason’, where we learn that we have but one life, and the importance of using it wisely.

After the meetings members dine together informally to enjoy good food, good wine, and good company. And most importantly, to have fun together.

Why do Freemasons wear aprons?

The aprons stem from our historical and symbolic roots as stonemasons. Being leather, they were designed to protect them from sharp tools and rough stones. For today’s Freemasons, the apron is a mark of their membership. They are presented with a white leather apron and as they progress this becomes more elaborate.

Is Freemasonry International?

Freemasonry exists throughout the world and the United Grand Lodge of England has Districts in many overseas countries.

Our members are free to visit any of our Lodges abroad and will often find a warm welcome from fellow members who know the local country very well.

In addition to our Lodges, many other counties have sovereign grand lodges, which our members are free to visit and whose members visit us in England and Wales when travelling.

Can women be members?

Only men aged over 18 are allowed to join the United Grand Lodge of England in England and Wales.

The two leading women’s Grand Lodges, that we have the closest relationship, with are: Freemasonry for Women and the Order of Women Freemasons. These two groups only admit women because that is the choice of their memberships.

Both women’s organisations, and ourselves, prefer to practice our Freemasonry in single sex environments. The United Grand Lodge of England regularly hires its facilities out for meetings of the two women’s Lodges due to our mutual respect and close relations.

What is different about the way Freemasons give to charity?

t is the sheer scale. We are one of the biggest charitable givers in the country and gave £51.1m to charities in 2020 alone.

The Masonic Charitable Foundation, the Freemasons’ Charity – our national charitable grant giving arm, tackles some of the most significant challenges facing society, in particular, reducing loneliness in later life and ensuring a positive future for young children. We work in partnership with some of the biggest charities in the country to deliver our support.

Freemasonry also does a huge amount for medical research into treatments for cancer, diabetes, heart disease and a whole range of other conditions. In addition, it makes donations to support those affected by overseas disasters as well as those at home, such as the Grenfell Tower disaster.

During the Covid Pandemic Freemasons working together to help their communities. The United Grand Lodge of England, and its members, are doing all they can to help in the fight the coronavirus. We have seen remarkable stories from across the country of how our members came together – from helping to raise vital funds for the NHS and delivering food to the community, through to purchasing ambulances and manufacturing vital personal protective equipment (PPE). To support Freemasonry’s charitable response to the coronavirus pandemic, UGLE and the Masonic Charitable Foundation, the Freemasons’ charity, established the Freemasons’ COVID-19 Community Fund.

This Fund has helped to support a range of local and national charities and projects that are helping people through the current coronavirus pandemic and in total has donated £3m during the pandemic.

How many Freemasons are there in the UK?

The United Grand Lodge of England has 180,000 members. The Grand Lodge of Scotland has approx. 27,000 members and The Grand Lodge of Ireland has approx. 20,000 members, whilst the two female Grand Lodges in England comprise of around 5,000 members. Worldwide there are estimated to be around six million members.

How much does it cost to become a Freemason?

There are costs to joining which should be explained prior to your becoming a member. Each lodge levies its own annual subscription. On average the annual dues and other fees, such as meals and charitable giving, amount to around £400 a year, although there are local variations.

Do you have to believe in a God?

When becoming a Freemason, members are expected to be able to affirm a belief in a ‘Supreme Being’. This is deliberately phrased so as to be fully inclusive; our members generally believe in a God – be it Christian, Muslim, Sikh or Jewish etc – of some sort, and there is no requirement to be an active practitioner of any particular religion.

Your Journey Begins Here

Embarking on your path with Gloucestershire Freemasons offers a gateway to enrich your life personally and contribute to society in a meaningful way.

We invite you to step into a world of rich traditions, shared values, and lifelong friendships.  Enquire about the Gloucestershire Freemasons below: